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Ask us about special discounts for longer projects.

How Pricing works

For editing and proofreading pricing is calculated based on word count. All other services are based on an hourly cycle. Our fees are very reasonable starting at.03 cents for proofreading and .05 cents for editing. See below on how to figure the costs of your project.

Calculating Fees

You’ll only need to count the words in your document. Here’s how:

Use word count

  1. Open a document.

  2. At the top of the page, click Tools.

  3. Click Word count to see the number

Once you have the word count simply multiply the word count number by .03 for proofreading or .05 for editing.

So if your document’s word count is 2115 the cost for proofreading will be $63.45 or about 56€.


Philosophy Coaching

Philosophy coaching includes many aspects and our certified philosophy coaches assist you where your needs are. This can include developing life strategies, clarifying purpose, ideas, and better decision making skills. It can also include developing sound architecture and reasoning skills within your research and writing. If you’re interested in Philosophy Coaching complete this form:


Become a Certified Philosophy Coach